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How cigarettes are made

This is a translation of the report that Uwe Geyer and Sylvia Malitz of Forces Austria made of their visit to a cigarette factory in Hainburg, Austria, late february, 2004.

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Bales of tobacco Most tobaccos come in bales of 200 kilos. Oriental tobaccos however come in bales of 30 kilos. In this storehouse (a former monastry), 7 million kilos of the world's best tobaccos are stored.
The cost price per kilo varies, depending on quality and sort, between € 1.45 and 2.20...

Note: 1 kilo is enough for about 1,000 cigarettes!

The tobaccos are blended in special machines. This blend is being moistened, cut and again dried. Thereafter it will be flavoured with special aromas, which are of course different for each cigarette type.
BTW: A cigarette (tobacco, flavour, paper and filter) is a pure biological product.

Note: Throwing a cigarette butt on the street is not recommended, however, it's not such a big crime as we are told!
Blending machine

Conveyor belt The conveyor belt is running. Employees here in Hainburg work in four shifts to prevent any decay of the tobacco!

Fascinating images...! A machine full of ready-to-smoke cigarettes...
Machine full of cigarettes

Machine or face ...and a machine that looks like a bearded face.

This is where the cartons are made. Here in Hainburg, 60 million cigarettes leave the factory each day, which makes this factory of economic importance for the city and region. Most cigarettes that are manufactured here, are exported to other European countries.


Just 'next door', one single cigarette costs about 17 cents. Some 76% of this price are taxes etc. This means that about 14 cents per cigarette are taken away from the customer: For the state, the EU etc.

Do we want this?

The tobacco plant

I think that you've already found some pages about Christopher Columbus and the Indians. Maybe you found some botanical information on the Nicotiana tabacum as well. So you've read a lot about tobacco and smoking, but actually, this was not what you were looking for... No, everything you wanted to know about tobacco, but never dared to ask is on Coffinails!

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