Below you'll find my tips. However, nobody will hear me say that my tips are best. If you have any better tips, please let me know. If you like, your tip will be added including your name and URL.

Be creative when you buy

Of course you can buy your favourite cigarettes, cigars or tobacco online for less, but do not forget about the offline possibilities!
Most supermarkets sell their own cheaper brands of tobacco. Most of these brands are really shit, but that does not count for all of them. Since there are so many larger and smaller supermarket chains (and other outlets) worldwide, it's impossible to give you all a good advice. "Try it!" is all I can say. Some brands will disappoint you, some other brands will not.
(Note - Added 19 August 2004: Yesmoke's Yespeedy MLM did not really work for me, so I decided to remove these links.)

Get rid of health warnings easily

Cigarette box covers like Artpacks are possibly the easiest way, but if you want to use your own creativity, you can simply print any message you like and cut it to size. In this case you only remove the cellophane around the flip-top. The rest will be used to protect your message. Lift the edge of the cellophane a little and move the message in. Once it's completely behind the cellophane, pick up your creditcard (or a small piece of cardboard) to push it further down.

Roll your own (RYO)

If you're used to plain cigarettes (no filter), you can try to roll your own. Well, I admit that this is easier said than done, but you can give it a try. I've done this for many years, so I know how to roll a good cigarette, but I still remember my first 'creations'. It's hard to describe them, since they did not seem to have any shape at all! :-)

Make your own (MYO)

Mascotte injector Mascotte injector

CTC Excel injector CTC Excel injector

Way back in the 2nd half of the 80's, Holland was still a free and tolerant nation. However, as a cigarette smoker I found myself a little over-taxed. Trying to save some 50% on my smoking expenses, I bought a Mascotte injector, a box of filter tubes and a tin of tobacco.
Making cigarettes with this Mascotte thing was in fact quite easy, but I got frustrated by the fact that it seemed impossible to make one that was completely filled. While tapping the cigarettes on the table, the tobacco dropped down somewhat 5 mm inside the tube. As I am a perfectionist, I had to disapprove them all. These were simply not the kind of cigarettes I would like to offer my guests!
So I abandoned this plan, and forgot about the Mascotte thing... Until the antis woke up from their sleep in the infinite bosom of duration. (I'm not into theosophy, but this quote simply sounds great!)
Still I kept facing the same problem as many years before, so I've been searching the web for some better injectors and other solutions. These searches did not disappoint me since there's quite a choice of rollers, injectors, filter tubes etc.
It was the striking red CTC Excel injector that gained most of my interest. I did not order it online, but mid August 2003 I found one at a tobacco outlet in a nearby shopping centre.
This thing is really able to fill a filter tube completely!

The manual though, is very concise, so I'd like to add the following things:
Use a table spoon to measure the amount of tobacco. Keep the injector clean, and the tobacco not too damp and not too dry.
A small wisp of tobacco coming out of the cigarette is OK, but if it looks more like Bert's hair-do, you've possibly used too much tobacco or it has jammed for some other reason!
Tap the cigarette a few times on the table to make sure that the tobacco has reached the filter, and squeeze it a little to check if the tobacco is divided evenly. (If not: roll it between your fingers or roll it on the table while pressing it.)
Finally, you can cut off the extensive tobacco and smoke it, or put it in your home-made flip-top box with your own logo and brand name on it!

Make your own flip-top box as well!

Finished product open Finished product closed
Example of a finished product for Rolling Stones fans!
This will definitely be the worst part in your struggle to present your own private and personal home-made cigarette brand, but if you like some challenge in your life, you should give it a try!
I admit that this method is quite laborious and therewith not meant for mass production, so you should handle your cigarette box with care. I'm sure that you don't want to spend several hours on a new box every day!

Since filter tubes are slightly thicker than industrial cigarettes, I couldn't simply copy a standard 20 or 25 piece box.
Therefore I had to design a new box along with a strengthening piece, and finally I can share the templates with you. I've also written some step-by-step instructions which are hopefully clear enough. If not, please let me know.
Anyway, have fun! For instance, call your cigarette 'Nada' or 'Niente' and say that you smoke nothing! Anything is possible!

Updated: 13 Dec 2003
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