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My name is Joop van Dijk. I live in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. You are visiting an ever growing site that's been built by a concerned European freedom-loving citizen. It all started late June 2003 with a no more than a single-page gallery. I e-mailed the link to both national and international pro-smoking organisations for some mutual support and link exchange...
Joy Faulkner from New Zealand (Smokers Of The World Unite! - No longer online) immediately created a prominent link on her site, which started to generate a lot of traffic from day one! A few days thereafter, I received some mails from Wiel Maessen, the founder of Forces-NL. He liked my gallery, and he encouraged me to start an affiliate site. (Needless to say, but 'affiliate' does not mean 'sponsored'.) On 29 September 2003, my site was approved and became an official Affiliate Chapter.
Thanks to Joy, Wiel and all Forces members and affiliates. Somehow, someway, we're united! Together we're strong!

Below you can read my view on the antis. I'm trying to update this site on a regular basis, so keep checking back!

Warning (by Joop van Dijk) Our near future?

The danger of the anti smoking lobby

We are being cheated!

The amount of smokers in the EU should be around 30%. This might be true if all EU residents are counted. For counting smokers, it's not fair to include infants and children up to 12 years. So, an amount of at least 40% would be more likely.

Doing research work, no difference is made between two cigarettes or two packs of heavy shag a day. Smoking simply kills, smoking simply causes this and that! There's only black and white in their 'science'. Any shade of gray is not seen.
Note: some people in The Netherlands roll their own cigarettes from easy to roll tobacco (shag). A pack of shag contains 50 grammes which is sufficient for 50 up to 60 hand-rolled cigarettes (shaggies).

When I smoke, I will die of my own smoke, and if I don't smoke, I will die of second-hand smoke. What kind of 'scientific' research is this???

According to our officials, smokers should be ill very often and therewith they should cost society a lot of money. Well, actually I'm seldom ill, and unfortunately I have met quite a few collegues (either smoker or non-smoker) that were very good at pretending. They stayed home for at least a week when they were only waiting for a fart that didn't seem to come.
I also pay a lot more taxes than non-smokers do. Day after day I bring some money along. Some things don't seem to match here!

Only a ventilation system with the force of a hurricane should be able to keep a bar smoke-free. Where did they get this nonsense? No, the anti smoke lobbyists want to keep us out of their sight like 'lesser people' or even pariahs. And our 'crime' will only be tolerated for the next few years in their clean world of carrot juice, herbal tea and lettuce.

Government officials should work on more relevant issues!

Berlin after the 'Kristallnacht' Jewish store in Berlin after the 'Kristallnacht'.
Smokers have a right to a smoking bar, smoking sections on airplanes and on trains etc., just like the non-smokers have a right to their non-smoking variants. This is all part of our free market and self-regulation. No government official should ever touch that. They should be working on safety in the streets and on trains, or should be evaluating new educational systems, and so on.

Our officials may warn, but smoking DOES NOT CAUSE BLINDNESS! So, how about a smaller type??? Furthermore, these 'nannies' don't even care whether their warnings are true or not.

Smoking should have negative influence on fertility and it should damage the sperm. Did they forget about the baby boom in Europe and North America after the 2nd World War?
I think not. The baby boom is simply hushed up! They must have learned a lot from dictatorial regimes like Nazi Germany and the states of the former Eastern Block: "If the lie is repeated long enough, it will certainly become truth."

We will have a scary world!

KKK Horrifying methods, used by the KKK.

Abbey Road Manipulated 'Abbey Road Manipulated'

Big Brother is watching you! Speed camera image:
'Big Brother is watching you!'
Even though our government officials have assured that I'll keep my freedom to smoke, I have become an official outlaw and I'm no longer welcome in almost any public place. This makes me feel like the blacks in South Africa and in the Southern parts of the US, or like the Jews in Nazi Germany.
Someone only has to point at a group of 'lesser people' (in this case the smokers), and before you even realise, you'll find an army of health fascists and behaviour controllers (like the Gestapo or the KKK) on your doorstep to take you away to a labour camp, to set your house on fire or to plunder your store.

Car owners are already in the 'line of fire' by means of disproportional taxes and unfair speed limit fines (speed cameras). Now it's the smokers. Someday soon it will be the obese... So, the time seems to be right again for condemnation and boosting of 'lesser people'.
On various websites I also see more and more comparisons to maffia, Taliban and Stasi (Former GDR Secret Security). I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but I do find it all very scary!

Maybe you are a non-smoker or even an anti-smoker. Then I suppose that you're quite happy with the current developments. But are you possibly left-handed? Or both obese and a deviation from the norm in any other way? Be sure that one of these days, the same liars will come to ask for you. Then you may also stand somewhere out of their sight as a 'lesser person'... Next to the smokers of course, for that's where you'll belong!

Even though smoking was not prohibited in George Orwell's masterpiece, '1984', this book is still very much worth reading! In Orwell's magical year 1984, books and old newspapers were constantly rewritten and reprinted by the Ministry of Truth to prove historical facts. The antis have understood Orwell's message quite well. Nowadays they use photo manipulation to prove that 'nobody has ever smoked in public'.
Just like James Dean and many others, Paul McCartney has recently become a victim of this frenzy. Here you see a poster of the famous 'Abbey Road' picture. The details in the upper right corner show a part of the poster itself as well as a part of the original picture.

Finishing this story, I'm trying NOT to sound like a vicar, but have you ever read Revelation 13? Well, the mark in my right hand or in my forehead could be an implanted microchip, ideal for storing my personal data, my bank account number, my geographical position and... for measuring the nicotine in my blood, for keeping records of how many bottles of beer I bought last time, how many hamburgers I ate this week, how much sugar I use in my coffee and so on!
With the current technology, this could be today's reality. And those health fascists and behaviour controllers will surely use it tomorrow!

Citizens of the EU and the rest of the world: Awake and stand up!

Joop van Dijk, July 2003 / Edited December 2003

Additions and comments

Smokers not welcomed USA today
Jews are not wanted here Germany, late 30's
1 August 2003:
Find the differences! Of course there are a few major differences such as language and typeface, but basically both signs are the same. The German sign reads: "Jews are not wanted here".

23 October 2003:
Some visitors to my site (read: antis) don't seem to understand why I used the term 'freedom-loving' in the 'About me' section at the top of this page. So, let me explain:
In this case it means the freedom to choose whether to smoke or not, to quit or to start. Nothing is encouraged (or condemned) by me; it's YOUR choice, not mine! I have no problems with smoke-free bars, restaurants, trains, airplanes or whatever as long as there will always be a smokers' alternative. That's democracy, that's freedom and that's what I love!

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