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Fokker in his 2nd Spider
Anthony Fokker, or Tonny for short, in the cockpit of his 2nd “Spin” (Spider).
Due to so many wires that surrounded him, he really felt like a spider in a web.
(Picture taken in 1911, when he was 20 or just turned 21.)

Fokker flying over Haarlem
Anthony circles around the Saint Bavo Church in Haarlem.

Fokker Spider flying over Holland
An original Spider, built in 1936, flying over Holland.
This Spider is property of Aviodrome at Lelystad airport, Netherlands.

Fokker F7 - Painting by Thijs Postma
Fokker F7 that made the first flight to Java (former Netherlands East Indies) in 1924.
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Fokker F7A -Thanks to John RengersFokker F7A -Thanks to John Rengers
As the type number indicates, the Fokker F7A was an improved version of the F7.
The two pictures above were taken on Schiphol airfield, before or after an aerial tour in 1933.
Most important modifications to the F7A were:
A more powerful engine, a better streamlined landing gear and redesigned wing tips.
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KLM poster with Fokker F8
“The Flying Dutchman: Once a legend - now reality.”
A KLM poster from the late 20’s or early 30’s with a Fokker F8.

Fokker F12 - Thanks to Jean-Pierre Lauwers
Fokker F12 “Valk” (Falcon) on Knokke-Zoute airfield, Belgium.
A postcard from the early 30’s.

Fokker F18 - Painting by Thijs Postma
Fokker F18 PH-AIP “Pelikaan” (Pelican) that became famous for its Christmas mail flight to Java in 1933.
One year later (December 1934) it was Pelican’s sister airplane PH-AIS “Snip” (Snipe) that cleared the way to Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles).
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Monument for F18 Snip - Photo by Joop van Dijk
A monument for the 1934 Christmas flight of the “Snip” near Hato airport, Curaçao.

Fokker F18 Snip
One of those very rare pictures of the “Snip”.

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