Detail of the mechanism (Photo by ???)
Detail of the mechanism
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Official Eise Eisinga Planetarium site

Carl Koppeschaar's Astronet!

Kapteyn Institute

Artis Planetarium (Dutch)


Wildrik Botjes Planetarium - Grand Rapids MI, USA

Images of nebulae and galaxies at ESO in Chile

Images of our solar system at NASA-NSSDC

Publiekssterrenwacht Schothorst (Dutch)

Sterrenwacht Halley (Dutch)

Ervarium Amersfoort

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Anthony Fokker

Early Belgian and Dutch Aviation

Gallery of Famous Smokers (Dutch)

Geuzenpartij! (Dutch)

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Albanië 1987 (Dutch)


Pieter Westdijk for the ‘Overview’ picture (No link found)

Foto Hommema, Franeker for the manuscript and the b/w picture

Uitgeverij Van der Meulen, Sneek for the ceiling picture

Sources of other images are unknown (© Eisinga Planetarium is assumed)

MyStars! 2.7 32 bit (Win) was used to generate the star-map

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