Planetarium, Eise Eisingastraat 3 (Photo by Joop van Dijk)
In this house, Eise Eisinga built his planetarium.
The original name of the street is unknown to me, but nowadays the street is named after him.
The planetarium is located right in the heart of Franeker, near the Town Hall.
Overview (Photo by Pieter Westdijk)
An overview.
As you can see, Eise built his planetarium on the ceiling of his livingroom. The attic was used to store the mechanism.
Central part (Photo by ???)
The central part of the planetarium.
Around the month circle: “The Earth rolls once around the Sun in 365 1/4 days.”
Around the rays of the Sun: “Orbit of Venus is 224 2/3 days.”
The Mercury info (also close to the Sun) is a little hard to read, but it’s actually there: “Merc. 88 days.”
On the right: “The way of Mars around the Sun is 687 days.”
(View complete ceiling, and move your mouse to view more info!)
Sky over Franeker (Photo by Foto Hommema)
“Apparent movement of the Sun and steady ***.” (Didn’t fit.)
The star-map shows the current sky over Franeker, and the hands on the left and right show the times for sunrise and sunset.
Mechanism (Photo by ???)
A part of the mechanism.
This system of cog-wheels and hoops (for the planet orbits) is controlled by a modified Frisian clock, but not driven. It runs on a series of weights and counterweights instead.
Eise Eisinga (Photo by ???)
Eise Eisinga himself.
The inscription is a quotation from the Odes of Horace: “He attained the luminary vaults of the heavens.”
Manuscript (Photo by Foto Hommema)
A page from one of the two manuscripts that Eise left us:
Complete drawings and explanations on how it works.

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